New Beginnings

New Beginnings

By Jon, Per Capita Co-Founder

In May 2019, Rox and I trekked to the top of this mountain in the Faroe Islands in the hopes of clearing our heads, seeking refreshment, and finding clarity and inspiration amidst creation. We came back with several pages of notes, sketches, ideas, and a vision for something brand new. It's been nearly a year in the making, and we're finally excited to share (in its very early stages) the beginnings of this project, Per Capita.

Per Capita means “for each person”, a piece for every individual. We have a vision to create something that goes beyond our immediate circle, something that is accessible and relevant to the broader population, and something that can be a meaningful outlet for our callings. Our vision is for Per Capita to become an ongoing expression of both of our passions (Design + Storytelling) through a collection of meaningful, accessible, everyday goods. Our aim is to connect people with thoughtfully designed products, through sharing stories of their inception, the people and places that inspired them, the hands or machines that craft them, and the culture and issues that surround them. We want to enable individuals to purchase meaningfully, rather than quantitatively, through products that are designed to be modular and long-lasting. Our upcoming range spans garments, homewares, and furniture; and will grow to encompass much more. This is our passion project for now, but we have a vision to grow Per Capita into something that is here for the long haul; a brand that grows, shifts, and changes with the needs and desires of our community, and one that has the ability to connect with as many individuals as possible on a meaningful, everyday level.

It's been a busy few months and our first line is due to drop later in 2020. You can check us out @percapitastudio and we look forward to sharing our journey and building this community with you!

All imagery by Per Capita. 

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