360 Diffuser

The 360 diffuser was inspired by our belief that wellness should have the ability to integrate into our evolving lifestyles. We approached the design process with the desire to enable this diffuser to engage with the places, spaces, and people that use it, rather than being seen as a stationary object that is placed in the corner and left to run.

The 360 diffuser rethinks the way a diffuser disperses essential oils into the atmosphere. By challenging the single-direction approach of most traditional diffusers, the 360 diffuser uses a three-sixty degree ring to disperse essential oils in a theatrical circular radius, increasing the reach and aroma of the product. The thought that came to us while researching and noticing that every diffuser on the market only dispersed mist in a singular direction, meaning that its effect was limited. The resulting design is a combination of the latest tech and design thinking to provide a diffuser that looks, feels, and performs differently to its predecessors.

Designed by Jon Liow while Director at ODO
Designed forĀ In Essence
Good Design Award Winner 2021

Discipline / Industrial Design, Strategy
Status / Production Completed
Photography / PerCapita
Year / 2021