Philosophy & Ethos

Founded by industrial designer and architect, Jon Liow, PerCapita is a design studio seeking to use thoughtful, considered design to enhance everyday life. Whether through collaborations, commissions, or exploration of our own ideas, our vision is to put meaningfully crafted design experiences into the world that enhance the human experience.

We believe that thoughtful design has the ability to foster better living. Almost every element of our day is shaped by an encounter with something that has been designed; from the objects that we use, to the clothes that we wear, to the devices and systems that enable us, to the mode of transport that we take, and to the living and work spaces that we occupy. Our vision is to make our journey through life a more thoughtful and impactful one by investing meaningful design thinking into the objects and spaces that we have the privilege to shape.

Our focus is on the individual experience; how design can intersect with people on an intimate, human scale. We believe that even through the systems of mass production and modern construction a well-designed system, product, or space is able to imbue an intimate, individualised experience, making its user or occupant feel like it was designed for them. Too often design is just seen as a means to deliver a business objective; negating the proper time, focus, and craft that the design process is due. We believe that when design is truly valued, it can intersect and strengthen the strategy of a business to deliver a better, more sustainable, and higher-valued experience. 

We invest in projects and visions that align with our values, and in doing so, are able to bring full integrity and heart to our work. We care deeply and invest heavily into the journey of bringing an idea to life by engaging in all aspects of the design process with curiosity and rigour. We are passionate about using design for good. Each of our designs are built on the principles of utilitarianism and human behaviour; seeking to remain useful and relevant for the long haul, increasing lifespan, and treading as lightly on our earth as possible. We believe this is the simplest form of sustainable living. At the heart of our process, we believe that meaningful outcomes take time; it's in the commitment to give due diligence to the process of design that allows it to go from a means, to a craft.

PerCapita is our love letter to the world; a manifesto of products and spaces grounded in simplicity, quality, and timelessness; thoughtfully crafted for each person that encounters them.

We want to make design feel like it's for the individual again.