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A modular object designed to be used as a side table, stool, or display surface. Handcrafted seamlessly out of high-grade stainless steel, Fettuccine’s form, materiality and unique geometry are engineered to give it a sleek and streamlined appearance while providing stability and grounding. Gently filleted edges and hand-finished surfacing ensure a soft interface, juxtaposing the hardness of steel.

Made in Melbourne, Australia.

Material: Stainless steel
Dimensions: 450 X 400 X 215 (mm)
Weight: 12.5kg
Lead time: Available now

Designed by PerCapita, 2022

*Note: Due to the nature of raw stainless steel, minor surface imperfections or blemishes may be present. Each piece is unique and bears the markings of the handmade method of fabrication. Evidence of the production process, such as bending and welding, may be visible and are part of the product’s raw quality. While being tough and resistant to moisture, the object will develop its own character over time through wear and tear. Due to the weight of the object, we recommend stacking to a maximum of 2 units to prevent toppling. The object is most stable on hard flooring surfaces such as timber and concrete due to its sleek profile.

*Lead time: If you require our goods for a specific project or by a specific date, please reach out to us via email (